Run OK - Virtual Run

July 5th, 2020

Your Choice of Location and Route

Let's Run.

You've missed racing and we have missed you.

Join the Run OK Virtual Run for any distance you choose - 5K, Half-Marathon, Marathon, 50 miles or 100 Miles.

You pick the date, time, location, and route. Invite a few friends and enjoy the camaraderie of a run. Have a run in your back yard, your home town, or travel to a place you have always wanted to run. There are some great routes for races all across Oklahoma. Go explore one of them.

Got a theme? Run as a team.


The virtual RunOK event happens any place that you want!

  • Paved Trails - Boom, you got it!
  • Dirt Trails - Boom, you got it!
  • Sidewalks - Boom, you got it!
  • Streets - Boom, you got it!

You can even run a course of your favorite race (unless it's on private property). Pick a place you know, or pick a place you want to explore. Ask a buddy for recommendations!

Pick Your Passion - Blu Does!